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Hone Humanity's Most POWERFUL Tool: Functional Breathing


Reconnect to your intrinsic superpower:


Learn proven & practical breathing skills to make meaningful changes in how you feel, move & live.

Improve the overall quality of your life by reducing suffering, increasing joy anytime, any place...naturally.





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Get Trained By Experts In

Functional Breathing!

This event will be led by

Andy Sabatier and Deena Kamm

*You will be active and moving during this event. Loose clothing is recommended. Adjustments can be made for any and all physical limitations.



  • Why is this called SUFFERING TO SUPERPOWER?
    Humans breathe how we feel and feel how we breathe. When you understand what your breathing is doing to your brain, your body, and your voice it can change your life with every breath you take going forward.
  • What are we going learn?
    You’ll learn and experience how breathing affects our daily patterns of thought, behavior, movement, and communication. You’ll learn how to tap into this subtle superpower.
  • What are we going to do?
    You’ll hear from three very different experts on how powerful conscious breathing tools can enhance all aspects of your life.
  • How can understanding my diaphragm make a difference in my life?
    Your diaphragm is the most important muscle in your body that you can control. When it gets left out, every system in your body suffers. When it works for you, everything improves including your mood, sleep, voice, attitude, and voice.
  • Is there anything risky about this?
    Absolutely not. You are already breathing when you walk in the door. We’re simply going to teach you all the things you didn’t know you didn’t know about YOUR breathing.
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“Not only has my aerobic capacity increased, my ability to tolerate stressors (of all forms) has become easier and more efficient. Breathing is the most important tool that we all have. Working with Andy has given me the key to unlock a world of personal potential that I didn't know existed.”

     -McKenna P

“Andy is an outstanding practitioner and the experience is above and beyond exceptions. Andy has been seeing my 16-year-old daughter since June 2022, and she is a better person today. Less anxiety, stronger, more confident and most importantly HAPPIER. 100% Recommend”

     -Jill M

“ Through Deena’s master coaching, I’ve unlocked secrets to myself and my sources of power that have fundamentally altered how I communicate. She yanked me right out of my normal and up to a new level of personal power and control.”

     -Erin M

“ Many careers are inherently stressful and require all sorts of physical adaptations. Over time, these influences become apparent ergonomically, including speech and breath patterns.

As a new advocate for breast cancer survivors and entrepreneur I would need to learn a new set of skills to be successfully heard. It was not so much the inexperience of public speaking that concerned me. It was the actual shortness of breath, when speaking up, that I needed help with. I was in good shape aerobically. Yet, I found myself short of breath when I went to pitch my ideas by heart.

Deena Kamm welcomed my willingness to learn voice control for public speaking through singing. At that time, I had no idea how breath supported quality sound. My increased awareness through Deena’s coaching at VOICE UP has strengthened my vocal abilities and physical posture.”

     -Uriel F

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