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Meet The Speakers



Burt Gershater is an inspiring, nationally recognized life coach, speaker, and trainer who sparks powerful changes in people’s lives. For 45+ years, Burt has worked with corporate CEOs, company managers, nonprofit executives and teams, professionals from many different industries, and top collegiate and world-class athletes. No one leaves untouched!


Deena is an Executive Voice Coach and Confidence Building Guru. After 30+ years of professional singing and voice work, she is dedicated to helping others reclaim their vocal power.

She teaches people how to unlock and effectively use their natural born voice while breaking down the barriers that gradually repress communication and authentic self expression.


Andy completed his doctorate in physical therapy in 2013 from New York University, clinical training at Stanford Hospital’s cardiac ICU, and extensive breathing education under Mary Massery DPT. He spent the next 7 years practicing in the ICU in Central Oregon helping thousands of patients to breathe and survive their most critical moments. Andy now works to bring that same breathing first approach to the greater community.

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